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Where do we start?


We want to help you to get the best out of your people and in order to do so JUMP People Solutions offers a free HR Audit which is a health check of what you currently have in place. This enables us to identify key areas for support. Once the audit is completed we will work with you to structure a plan ensuring that you are compliant with employment legislation and best practice.  We will also review how to maximise opportunities in order to improve business performance.


Our unique packages are designed to support you and will enable us to agree what is the most appropriate solution. These packages are an exclusive offering designed by JUMP People Solutions.



Your business lacks a HR strategy and has few, if any, processes and procedures in place requiring help with employment legislation and best practice. You will also require support on how to manage people, ensuring that you are getting the best from your workforce. Within this package we offer a free HR Audit which will enable us to work together and establish what is required in order for you to implement improvements.



You may have some processes in place, however you are not fully compliant with employment legislation and feel that you have problem areas or lack consistency.  In addition you could be encountering issues with staff morale or with your business culture which is impacting on profitability. Within this package we will offer a free HR audit to review your specific requirements and from here form a plan of action utilising strategies that will support business growth.



You are in a good place with an effective people strategy which underpins your team’s performance. There are likely to be a small number of things that you require support with, such as training, performance management or talent retention. At this stage we will work with you to identify and develop solutions that will further enhance your people and business performance.

In addition to our packages JUMP People Solutions offers bespoke support. For further details you can contact us by clicking here.


We are happy to meet with you to have an initial conversation about our services.



Our rates are designed to be flexible and tailored to meet individual requirements.


For clients who opt for a Ready, Steady or Grow package we will ensure that our fees are set at the most competitive rates. These packages enable you to get the best value for money as rates are discounted according to the number of hours required within the appropriate package.


Where there is a need for bespoke advice or support we will work with you to ensure that we can give you the best pricing option. We can be flexible with pricing for this option depending on the size of the project.

Pay as you go

We charge a fixed hourly rate based on the work required.